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JET is part of the 1-Touch suite of applications. JET turns any conference or training room into a simple, yet powerful Multi-Platform media room. JET is intuitive so it requires little to no training for most users. Even if they only use our systems every few months, typically users report that they were able to easily remember how to launch a meeting in any of our many supported platforms.

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Meet CAL, our newest product in the 1-Touch line. Cal'N'der (CAL for short) is an exclusive Multi platform, Single interface, 1-Touch launch, 1-Touch exit system. Designed from the ground up just for the business media and conference room. Our difference is that we are centered around the user's needs. You simply walk in and launch any platform you need and start your meeting. Whatever the platform your customers or vendors use, you're ready with CAL. PLUS, if you use any of our Platform Partners, simply tap your meeting in the 1-Touch calendar, and CAL will not only launch the software, it will start your meeting!

We believe in simple, easy use experience, yet powerful features to handle all your needs.

•    Launch meetings from one set of hardware to our multi-platform system
•    Communicates with existing phone systems
•    Can include any video conferencing platforms 

•    Streamline your video conferencing needs

Coming Soon

•    Launch meetings from one set of hardware to our multi-platform system
•    Simply click on event in the calendar and your meeting launches
•    Exclusive software that simplifies your business solutions

•    Communicates with existing phone systems