All-in-one conference terminal


This is a video conference device integrated with 4 array microphones and HD wide-angle cameras. It supports HD audio and video calls and it is easy to deploy and operate, which is suitable for enterprise daily meetings, remote education and training, remote teaching and other application scenarios. HD voice with Audio processing technology


1)Array microphone algorithm can sample and process the spatial characteristics of the sound field. It can remove the ambient background sound to the maximum extent, leaving only the required sound waves.  


2)360 ° intelligent sound pickup with 5 meters range, no apparent volume and sound quality decline in 3m.


3)48KHz uplink and 48KHz downlink audio sampling rate;


4)Perfect  full-duplex so that two-way chatting will no longer stuck


5)Clearer voice with intelligent dynamic noise reduction


6)the maximum instantaneous value of the speaker can be up to 92dB(0.5m), enabling the sound to be heard more clearly. HD conference video, clearer and more real The 1080P camera provides users with high quality online video meetings, high-definition real-time synchronization, and clear and smooth video images. In addition, It is compatible with various common video conference software, such as ezTalks, Skype, Zoom, WeChat, etc. Efficient deployment, easy to hold meetings It is based on Type C connection and you can start a meeting without complex wiring and configuration, just plug and play. 


➢ Array microphone algorithm Perfect control of environmental noise

➢ HD conference voice High fidelity and high reduction voice; clearer and purer, like taking a face-to-face meeting

➢ USB HID Reverse control Keep consistent with computer volume and microphone  

➢ Perfect  full-duplex More natural and smooth in two-way communication

➢ New audio processing algorithm 360 ° high coverage, long pickup Upgrade full duplex technology The 384ms echo cancellation Dynamic noise reduction

➢ 1080P HD camera 120 degree shooting wide-angle, clear and fluid picture

➢ Mechanical adjustable lens The lens can be adjusted up and down with small range

➢ Portable MIC and speaker No driver required, just plug and play; more suitable for various conference scenes