Bring remote teams together

See, hear and interact with each team member in perfect clarity. Make the most of your meetings, no matter the distance.


With a built-in wide-angle camera, powerful far-field mics, crystal-clear speakers and brilliant screen resolution, Bestboard displays come video-conference ready.

Built-in 8MP Camera

Built-in Mic ArrayUp to 8 meters

Powerful Dual Channel Speakers

Find your teams' best workflow

Move beyond 'meetings' and discover your team's most effective workflow.

Touch interaction helps everyone participate

Collaborate even more efficiently with bi-directional touch interaction. Bestboard can connect and project up to 9 devices including notebooks, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Screen-sharing is perfect for brainstorming

Connect multiple devices for multi-screen interaction and collaboration including iOS, Windows or Android smart phones or tablets wirelessly via Eshare.

All your favorite Android & Windows apps

Use all of your go-to business apps with native Android 8.0 or Windows 10. Bestboard comes with a built-in smart whiteboard that lets teams draw, add and resize images and shapes, and create color-coded annotations during huddles.