EDUcast® is the award winning, fully automated lecture capture appliance from 323link. These devices are already in use at universities and colleges around the country,  EDUcast® integrates with Matterhorn/Google Drive or your LMS (Learning Management System), and together they offer a fully automated lecture capture, publishing, and hosting solution.  EDUcast® gives you two simple options for fully automated production of recordings.


Option 1: schedule your event in the web interface, and plug in a microphone. The appliance automatically starts on schedule creating the podcast episode, stops when the event is over, and then publishes the podcast episode into the EDUcast® Server or your LMS. No interaction is required by the instructor: all they have to remember is to speak into the microphone.












Option 2: the instructor can use a “SmartKey” (which is a standard USB thumbdrive with a simple XML text file). When the instructor inserts the key into the front of the appliance, the appliance starts capturing; when the key is removed, the recording is published to your content delivery system or your LMS, and is available immediately for your audience, without any involvement from the instructor or user.

With EDUcast® the production costs of content delivery can be reduced to zero, and no training is required to use the appliance.