Valt is a complete video observation platform designed for Clinical Skills training, medical simulation, police interviews, and many other educational applications. 

Clinical Skill Capture

The Valt application has been designed from the ground up to allow users to easily view live audio-video sessions in a secure fashion.  The Valt application employs enterprise-class video streaming technology allowing for the connection of up to 50 HD IP video cameras and capability to serve out hundreds of simultaneous video streams from a single Valt server appliance.

Rooms are displayed in an easy to find list and are labeled according to user preference. PTZ control is performed via mouse by simply clicking in the video window. Users are able to use and create presets to help quickly position PTZ cameras. Observers are able to create “markers” during the recording process which indexes important video points allowing users to quickly access important events. Markers may be named or created via drop down box. Observers are able to “talk back” to students/clinicians via computer microphone or USB headset by simply clicking on the talk icon in the video window when optional talk back hardware is purchased. User rights allow a unique login ID for students, faculty and administrators providing for customizable security rights for viewing, recording and playback. A matrix view allows the observer to view up to 9 simultaneous sessions on a single display. Client software runs in browser simplifying viewing and rollout of software upgrades. All major web browsers are supported including Apple and tablet versions, letting users use Valt to observe live or recorded video anywhere.

Easily start and stop audio video recordings either on demand through the web interface, by using the built in scheduler, or by integrating with simple start stop buttons.  All videos are recorded in a non proprietary MP4 video format and are viewable on almost any computer or device.

“Templates” allow administrators to create unique data fields which are customizable for each group. The data fields capture specific “session” information in order to catalog and index the video file. Example data fields include: student name, instructor name, patient name, patient type, specific disorder and case number. Templates allow universities to deploy a single platform yet providing customization capabilities for different groups and disciplines. Each video is recorded in its entirety in a single file regardless of session length. There is no work required by the user to “create the file”. The file is not broken into individual segments based on time. This simplifies creation, playback and management of the content including archiving. Cameras may be “grouped” together and synchronized to start and stop recordings simultaneously. This feature is beneficial when more than 1 camera is installed in a room. Recording may be initiated via the user interface or via the built in schedule feature. The schedule features allows the customer to schedule recordings in advance and pre-populate the session data. The scheduler allows for scheduling of “recurring” sessions based upon days of the week. The schedule allows for removing individual sessions in the event that the session is canceled without removing the remaining sessions. Exceptions allow the customer to remove recordings and take into account holidays and “days off”. Distribution Rights – users are able to grant access to other users to view the content that they may not have the “appropriate rights” or security level normally to view the recording. 

New - Using Zoom Room for Clinical Applications


323link specializes in medical and clinical applications for medical education.  CLINICALcast provides content capture of clinical labs, SIM labs, and cadaver labs.  323link also has a full HIPAA compliant content system for patient sessions.



Cloud Encoder

The new 323Cloud Encoders bring HD capture to clinical skills at a low cost of ownership with several key features that are critical for clinical applications.  The system also includes a simple interface to watch live real time video, start recording, and download your videos.


  • Real Time Streaming – View it as it happens live!

  • Integrates with any Existing System

  • Unlimited Sources

  • View from any Device

  • Integrates with Matterhorn

  • Integrates with Google Drive

  • Single HD Camera Rooms at $2,899

  • Dual HD Camera Rooms at $3,999


CLINICALcast Cart System

323link provides a turnkey cart system that can easily move into any room for a clinical

exercise and can then be moved into the interview room for a case review after a session.  

The cart system is a modular design and allows shelves to be removed and reconfigured based on the application.  

The system can both archive and live stream up to 4 HD or SD sources.


Mobile System

The CLINICALcast Mobile System includes a built in monitor and an easy to transport case.  The system can take up to 4 HD inputs from portable or existing peripherals.


Matterhorn for Clinical Use

Matterhorn is a low cost way to host and distribute medical and clinical applications.  The free open source system can be installed on existing servers and provide a rich set of features for retrieving and editing content.  To find out more information about Matterhorn click here.


EDUcast Server System

323link has a fully HIPAA complient platform to record live clinical and surgical events.  The system documents all access and filters the user level access to content and cases.  323link provides the hardware and configuration to fit the security requirements of your organization.  To find out more about the EDUcast Virtual Server System click here.

EDUcast HHS CLINICALcast Datasheet
323link Secure Streaming Architecture