Zoom Capture for Clinical Applications

323link is the first to use Zoom Rooms for clinical skills recording and applications.  The low-cost solution gives you the ability to capture up to 2 HD sources for a session and pushes the content to the cloud for evaluation, viewing, and distribution.  As many as 50 interactive participants can join the session with 2 way HD video conferencing capabibility.  This also allows other rooms to view the entire session live.  The session can also be broadcast to up to 10,000 people with the webinar feature.

Zoom also allows the user in the clinical area to present content from a laptop or mobile device including iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, or Android Device. 

The 323link Zoom Room configuration includes:

  • Local 23-60 inch display

  • iPad with wallmount kit

  • Small PC or Mac Mini

  • HDMI Capture Card

  • 1 Zoom Room License per room

  • 1 HD 720-1080p camera

  • 1 USB based microphone

  • Integration with Outlook/Exchange

  • Integration with local or cloud storage

  • Integration with Kaltura (optional)

  • Simple workflow

  • Touch Screen and Whiteboarding (Optional)

  • Integration with other equipment and monitoring systems