The 323Cloud Encoders are an affordable and easy to use lecture capture system that has the ability to capture as many HD or SD sources required for any application with independent recordings and streams from each video source.   The live stream can be viewed in real time and the Cloud System can publish content to Matterhorn, Wowza, Google Drive, and several other platforms.  The 323Cloud System allows you to install the input ports anywhere in the room to make integration with existing system simple and low cost.













The HDMI Module allows you to bring in any HDMI source and add it as a capture source.  The unit has built in storage, a web interface for remote access and control, and an encoder engine.  The HDMI Cloud system can be used for stand alone or portable applications or be integrated into a full Cloud Solution.


The Master Controller communicates with the remote encoders and handles the content and content delivery.  The Master Controler is also the primary audio input for the room and puts together the media package to be pushed up to the server system you prefer.  The system has a web interface and can be used as a primary portal to retrieve your videos.  The Cloud Encoder System can function independently without the need for a server, and the user interface and controls are a simple web interface or USB key.









To start the recording or broadcast, you plug the key into the USB port of the unit or on the podium. To stop the recording, you remove the key. The recordings are then sent directly to your audience, website, or course web page. In addition, the Cloud Server System automatically creates a podcast of the recording that can be viewed from any mobile device, cell phone, or eBook.

The 323Cloud Encoders record and stream both video and audio with h.264 encoding. 323Cloud Encoders make content delivery from any classroom, court room, conference room, or sports area extremely simple. Reliability is provided via our solid state hardware, and the Linux based operating system.