We all know how difficult it can be to schedule a meeting with a handful of key people to make an important announcement. How much more difficult is it to get everyone in a department, a division, or your entire company in one place? How do you communicate with those who are unable to attend due to illness, travel restrictions or time zones?

What if you need to record an important meeting, including presentations for archival or review purposes?

What would the impact on your productivity be if your staff could attend important training sessions at a time and place that didn’t impact their regular job responsibilities and didn’t require any travel on their part?

If any of these scenarios represent challenges your organization is facing, Zoom and EDUcast® may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The two solutions allows corporate managers and executives to deliver timely, important information to any segment of their companies without the need to schedule meetings or “all-hands” presentations. With EDUcast®, you can record and archive important meetings and presentations and have them instantly available in the future for analysis and training purposes. It also allows your training managers to give a training session, then have that session be available for any eligible employee to attend at any time in the future, as many times as needed.

323link’s solutions are extremely cost effective and require no training to operate. In fact, the system will quickly pay for itself in reduced travel and training expenses, improved productivity, and better communication with your employees. When coupled with our EDUcast® Management Server, either as a hosted solution or as a turnkey solution for your data center, recorded content can be published to specific departments or areas of your company automatically.