323Link Content Distribution

CirQlive is the premier provider of reliable, secure software solutions enabling efficient use of the world’s leading web conferencing services.

CirQlive is the provider of MEETS (Media Enhanced Education & Training Suite), a platform-independent, unified communications software product that seamlessly integrates third-party platforms with industry-leading web conferencing services such as Cisco Webex®, GoTo® , Zoom Video Communications, Inc®. and BlueJeans.

Additionally, CirQlive offers web conferencing management tools, such as media conversion, recording storage, data analytics and publishing solutions. These further streamline IT administration and deliver ease of use to the everyday web conferencing user.

CirQlive MEETS—

A complete integration solution, making it easier to schedule and manage online learning, courses and office hours for your institution

Google Drive Integration and Hosting

Google Drive is the next step in video hosting.  The new Cloud Encoder Series is desinged around integration with several platforms including Google Drive.  Google Drive gives customers the ability to upload and transcode video for distribution to any audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional delivery systems.  The annual cost for 1 TB of space is only $120, and if you are a Google customer now you may have no addtional cost to use Google for content delivery. Video files can be dragged to the appropriate group folder and shared with an entire team, organization, or class.  Google video is in a standard MP4 format with HTML5 around the corner.  Please contact the 323link sales team for pricing or to see if you existing system can move to Google Drive.

Streaming Video

Live Video Streamng Services and CDN

323link offers single event streaming as well as monthly and annual contracts for content delivery around the world with unlimited viewers.  Wowza is the core of our streaming services and all of the most current features are supported.  Please contact our sale team for pricing.

Live Streaming with EDUcast and the Cloud Encoder System (CE)

The 323link systems and hardware have the ability to stream to any CDN network in full HD.  The systems also have the ability to stream multiple sources as a single video stream or in multiple streams with a multi-source player directly to your web site or course pages with closed captioning and live chat.