Court Room

323link TS is an affordable and easy to use  video telepresence meeting capture and streaming system to fit any application.   The system utilizes 2 HD or SD cameras to create a panoramic view of the room or conference table.  This allows users to have the meeting or session and avoid dealing with camera controls or the need for a camera operator.  All of the captured sources including the presentation source are in full motion video.


The user interface and control is a Smart USB key or thumb drive.  To start the recording or broadcast, you plug the key into the USB port of the unit or into the designated wall outlet.  To stop the recording and stream, you simply remove the key.  The recordings are then sent directly to the viewers via video links or to a website for viewing.  In addition, the system automatically creates a podcast of the recording that can be viewed from any mobile device, cell phone, or eBook.


323link TS records and streams multiple  video, audio, and presentation sources with h.264 encoding.  This provides very high quality with much smaller file sizes.   The system also generates several versions of the recordings including 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480, and Flash/HTML 5.  323link TS makes content delivery from any meeting area extremely simple.  Reliability is provided via our Linux based operating system.