Frequently asked questions

What is required to setup the OneTouch Software?

Before you install the Room version of OneTouch you will want to install the video and colaboration applications you want to use. This includes your video apps, our streaming app OBS, AirServer, and the Chrome Browser. Below are the common download links. OBS Download https://obsproject.com/download AirServer Download https://www.airserver.com/download

How do I get a license key for OneTouch Room or Desktop?

Here are the options:

  1. Request a License via a Contact Us page.
  2. Purchase a License in the store and you will recieve an email with a key.
  3. Contact one of our partner/resellers to purchase a license key.
  4. Call our main number and process an order via phone.

Does OneTouch work on Mac, Linux, or Android?

No, as of today it does not work on Mac, Linux, or Android. We do plan to have a Windows Arm version later this year. We also plan to have an Android version later this year.

What video platforms does OneTouch work with and can I have another application added?

OneTouch supports all of the mainstream video applications. If you have a video application we dont currently support, we can add it. Depending on the number of rooms or desktop version you require a charge may apply.