Matterhorn Integration

323link proudly announces our full integration with the Opencast Matterhorn Project. This means your organization can now use the EDUcast® Encoder and Cloud Encoder to publish content directly to Matterhorn. 323link is the first encoder to schedule Matterhorn recordings directly from the interface while being able to set the Contents Metadata. 323link is also the pioneer of USB Key based recording that allows you to use a USB Key to record content and upload it to Matterhorn without worrying about editing the title or the description. One more advantage of the EDUcast® integration with Matterhorn is the use of up to 4 HD sources in full resolution and full frame rate for Matterhorn 2.0 and higher using HTML5


323link provides remote management of current Matterhorn installations along with our own cloud and premised based offerings of Matterhorn. Our software development team can help you integrate and customize the Matterhorn System to connect with other platforms and customize to meet the requirements of your organization. Please contact us for more details on custom development.


323link is currently working on a Gateway to migrate existing videos on proprietary systems to the standards based Matterhorn/OpenCast System.