Recording with Zoom

Zoom is a prefered platform to capture from any office, conference room, classroom, or clinical space.  323link integrates the functionality of Zoom with the power of Google Drive and YouTube to publish content securely or publickly depending on the application.  Zoom also allow for the recording of video calls with up to 100 participants and webinar sessions with as many as 3000 people.  323link specializes in Zoom integration with existing hardware and integration ranging from large board rooms to smart classrooms.  Please contact our Consulting Group for additional information.

Meeting with Zoom
Zoom Overview

Zoom is a colaboration and video conference software that runs on windows, mac, and linux systems.  Zoom allows anyone from any device to join a session via voice, video, or via chat.  The system can connect up to 100 participants and can broadcast webinars for up to 3000 people.  Zoom Rooms are a full room replacement for legacy video conferencing hardware based systems with an integrated control interface via an iPad.  Check out the videos below for quick feature overviews.









































Zoom 3.5 Update
Zoom Rooms
Bring Your Own Device
H.323 and SIP Integration