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All With One Touch

Welcome to our ultimate AV room solution, OneTouch. It's a game changer.


Things are changing, and the AV Industry will change with it. OneTouch isn't just an Windows 11-based platform with an easy-to-use interface— it's an investment in your future.

OneTouch Using Zoom


OneTouch isn't an app-launcher. Below the surface of our simple interface, complex code works to convert any computer into a Multi-Platform hardware device, much like the codecs of the past. The result? A fully integrated audio-video conference room.


Connect over your favorite video platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and many more. Our interface keeps users out of windows and allows them to join meetings seamlessly. Simply click the Join Button or allow the system to launch calls automatically.

What happens when you mix AI and Audio Visual?



Our software was programmed with artificial intelligence in mind, and works with all the up-and-coming AI programs, such as Chat GPT, Bard, and many others.

Want to learn more about how AI can function in your classroom, meeting space, or other room solution? Reach out to our team.
OneTouch Interface

OneTouch Desktop

Interested, but not ready to take the plunge? Try out Desktop version.


OneTouch is available in every one of our room bundles in two different forms: OneTouch Core and OneTouch Think. Small-scale rooms are typically powered by a OneTouch Core computer, whereas larger, more complex configurations are powered by a OneTouch Think computer. This flexibility allows OneTouch to run optimally in any room solution, and for our software to develop in time with technology. OneTouch Think also includes a subscription to Chat GPT, as it fully integrates with AI.

Core and Think


OneTouch fully integrates with both Office 365 and Google Calendar, and allows users to connect to calls quickly and avoid the loss of time while starting up a meeting. All of the meetings booked for the room show up in the main interface with the application icon. 


OneTouch has the option of "Quick Keys." Place your three most used apps right on the launch page. The background is also adjustable. Substitute our logo for the logo of your organization to further personalize your experience

have the know-how

Have a question about OneTouch or how to use it? Browse through our library of helpful PDFs.

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